10 Best Color Resources For Pixelmator Designers

Ninja Share:

Ever wondered where designers get their resources to help them succeed with a project? Here is a list of free colour resources for all you Pixelmator designers out there.

(1) COLOURlovers

A great resource to help you select the perfect colour combinations – some really useful combos here. 


(2) Flat UI Colors

A really great tool to help you select flat UI colours quickly. It gives you the hex code or the hash code for the most popular flat colours quickly.

(3) Flat Color Picker

Another great tool that gives you a huge range of flat colours to choose from.


(4) Coolors

A nice web app that lets you play around with CMYK/HSB/RGB values to create your own unique colour palettes.


(5) Material Design Colors

A great site to help you select UI colour combinations and palettes.


(6) Colorful Gradients

An awesome tumblr site collection of gradients to die for.


(7) Brand Colors

A site where you can find all the colours used by your famous sites.


(8) BootFlat Color Picker

A flat colour Picker which gives you the perfect colours for flat designs.


(9) Get UI Colors

Gives your awesome UI colours for your website designs.


(10) Coleure

Create awesome colour palettes using a simple drag and drop tool.


We’ve added these to our useful resources page, where you can find all sorts of other resources for Pixelmator users.


  • This is so dope! Thank you guys for sharing this….I LOVE YOUR SITE!! :]

    Abraham BeltranMay 10, 2016
    • No worries – glad you liked it. Let us know if you are looking for other resources that we could blog about.

      Pixelmator NinjaJuly 11, 2016
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