Guest Post – How To Draw Batgirl by Jamie Edwards

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In our first guest post, an amazing Pixelmator artist, Jamie Edwards, shows us how he creates his style of graphic art by teaching you how to draw Batgirl.

Artist Bio: Jamie Edwards

Jamie Edwards is an awesome Pixelmator ninja, and author of BattleBay series of kids fiction (now available on iTunes for free).

In his spare time he has created some masterpieces using Pixelmator – check out some of his works of art below.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman



Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

Battle Bay

Battle Bay



and now we handover to Jamie…

Let’s get started:

For this tutorial you will need some kind of drawing tablet hooked up to work with Pixelmator, and some basic drawing skills. I use a Wacom tablet, which are really good and easy to use. Its like drawing straight onto paper and they are fairly cheap to buy.

I’ll leave the canvas size up to you.

Step 1:

First thing I do on any drawing is make a second layer above my first layer and name this Sketch, as seen in the picture below.


I then make sure my Background layer is filled in with a basic grey colour using the paint bucket tool. I then click onto the Sketch layer and start to draw my construction lines with a dark blue colour, but all this is totally up to you. I use the pen tool with a setting of 3px diameter. You may just keep it white and use a black pen, but I found its easier to see what your drawing with my colour configuration.

The picture below is what you need to draw for your construction lines, which form the shape of our Batgirl.


Next on the Sketch layer we are going to start forming the body and fleshing out the details for Batgirl. You don’t need to be too accurate on this, as it’s all rough and we will clean the line work out later. We are just sketching out a rough idea of Batgirl.

Here is the final sketch you need to aim towards, but again its only rough sketch at this point.


Step 2:

Next I make another layer and name this Outline, this will be the main outline and where all the detail will be held.


I then go back to layer called Sketch and set the layer opacity to around 50% this makes it faded but enough to see the line work.


I then click on the Outline layer, and I go around with a black colour using my pen tool and start the line work. As you can see I zoom in to focus more on the detail and to make sure it looks perfect.


Next I go over the body and again, I zoom in to make sure the line work is clear and you can notice on the chest. The bat logo is a bit larger than the body, this is to make it look like it’s over lapping. This is the chance to add detail in and make sure the picture looks right to you.

You can keep erasing and drawing until your happy with the outcome.


Here is the complete line work of my Batgirl, at this stage I was pretty happy with the outcome. But later on you will notice, I add her cape around her neck as I forgot to draw it in. But that’s easy to go back to and draw in so don’t worry if at the end you notice something is wrong as it easy to change.


Next I go back to my Background layer and fill it with a white colour using the paint bucket tool, and this will help me colour the picture in.


Step 3:

Next I create another layer above the Background layer and call this Clothes.


I then colour her clothes in using an almost black colour #312726 for her body and the bat logo and her boots with a nice rustic gold #cc8150. I also put the colours on the side or use the colour panel to save my most commonly used colours, so that I can have access to them quickly.


Step 4:

Next I create a layer called Skin and put this below the Clothes layer.


I also make a layer called Hair and put this below the Clothes layer, but above the Skin layer.


Step 5:

Next I colour in her face in the Skin layer using a nice skin tone #ddb49b and in the Hair layer I use a brown colour #621c17.


Next I go back to the Clothes layer and colour the cape and her mask using the colour #282934. I then go to the Skin layer and colour her lips in using the colour #ad8396.


Step 6:

Next I create a new layer called Shade which should be placed above the Clothes layer. This is where we will add our highlights and shadows to give it some dimension. For this image, let’s imagine the sun is shining from the top right of our Batgirl. This where the picture starts to come together.


On the Shade layer I use the colour #636f81 and colour the cape in but I leave the dark areas as below to show folds. Next I use the colour #d3dae0 and colour the outline of the cape to show where the light is hitting it. This should only be a small highlight area on the edge of the cape as seen below.


We do the same with the mask as we did with the cape on the Shade layer using the same colours.


Next we move to the hair and we use the colour #bb3d38 and colour the hair in, but we leave the dark areas as below to give it depth. We then highlight where the sun is hitting the hair with the colour #ecb499.

We then use the colour #fef1e4 and highlight one side of her face where the light is hitting, we also highlight her lips too with the colour #f0d9e5. Batgirl is really taking shape now.


Step 7:

Now we add some highlights to her body using the colours #fefefe on the very edge and #cacbcd right next to it. This give it a basic gradient effect. It is used all the way down her left leg and the inside of her right leg. We also highlight the side of her chest and neck.

Next we use the colour #f8ecc6 to show where the light is hitting on the side of her boots and her glove. This is used on the yellow parts. I also used it a bit on the bat logo just to show a bit of light hitting it. Batgirl is coming alive right in front of our eyes.


Step 8:

Next I create an Eyes layer above the Shade layer and use the colour #929e8a on the pupil and white on the eye itself.


Step 9:

Finally, to finish the picture off I went back to the Background layer and filled it in with a black colour using the paint bucket tool. You can use any colour you like or try another Pixelmator effect to finish it off.


Hope you enjoyed it and remember to keep drawing because you don’t get good over night. You have to keep at it!

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