It’s 2015 – What’s the story?

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In Ireland, one of our most profound saying is “What’s the Story?”

It can be used in many contexts.

It can be used to simply say hello, how are you?

It can be used to understand your current situation i.e. what is going on right now?

It can also be used as a reflective i.e. what have you done so far?

It can also be used as an action statement i.e. what are you going to do!

In 2014, we showed you:

We also gave you a lot of useful templates available in our template store.

We hope you have found them very useful in learning and using Pixelmator everyday.

We also gained more than 1000+ new followers who were keen to hear more about Pixelmator, and what you could do with this awesome product.

In 2015, we want to focus on a lot more of the above, but also introduce a few new areas of interest:

  • UI / UX design in Pixelmator;
  • IOS design using Pixelmator tools (including a complete app design using Pixelmator);
  • and even more sexy templates for all your design needs.

We also want to keep growing our audience and convert more folks (from noob to pro) into using Pixelmator.

If there are any tutorials or templates that you would like to see more of – please let us know.

We are keen to hear your thoughts for 2015! 

So what’s the story?



  • Awesome! Looking forward to the new articles!

    Pedro RemediosJanuary 2, 2015
    • Thanks Pedro. If there is anything you are specifically looking out for, let us know.

      Pixelmator NinjaJanuary 4, 2015
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