It’s 2016 – What’s The Story?

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Wow. What a year 2015 has been.

At the end of last year we really took stock of what we did and did not do, and there were many good and bad moments where we thought our love child to teach Pixelmator skills to our subscribers wouldn’t make it.

However, we are delighted to continue growing Pixelmator Templates. We are glad to see not only the continued and growing support for Pixelmator app. There has also been a lot of love from our community members and social followers.

So what went well in 2015:



We also published new templates, product mockups, and freebies in our store.

Followers, Subscribers, and the rest:

We also doubled our subscriber base to 2000+ new followers who were keen to hear more about Pixelmator and what this awesome app lets you do.

We grew our followers on all our social networks – facebook, twitter, and pinterest mainly.

We also continued to reinvest most of the revenue we made from our templates and ads into maintaining this site.

What didn’t go well in 2015:

  • Although we started out great in the year, the number of tutorials we could publish took a dip towards the tail end of 2015 – we really plan to fix this in 2016.
  • We lost some subscribers for two reasons:
    • Relevant content – a couple of users felt that the content we published in 2015 weren’t what they were looking for. This is fair enough – although we can’t cater for every type of tutorial, we do actively try to make the effort. We also would like to ask our subscribers to suggest more content they would like to see, so that we stay relevant to you guys. After all, we are here to help you learn Pixelmator.
    • Freebie templates – a small number of users felt that they were forced to enter CC info for freebies and left for that reason. We have always said (many times) that freebies are exactly that – they are free and for you to use as you please. When you go to download the freebies, you may be asked for a donation if you found the freebie valuable; however you are in no way obliged to give us anything. If this was confusing in any way or unclear, we do apologise and hope it is clearer now.

What’s the story for 2016:

We really want to continue doing all the good stuff we talked about in 2015. Our aim is to:

  • Continue our UI/UX design series for Pixelmator;
  • Start a set of tutorials for designing complete IOS apps;
  • Get a few more guest authors to join us;
  • and publish even more sexy tutorials, templates, and resources for all your design needs.

We also want to keep growing, and encourage you to use Pixelmator more.

If you have any content in terms of tips & tutorials, templates, or resources you want to see more of – Please Let Us Know.

We are keen to help you become Pixelmator Ninjas and continue spreading the goodness of this awesome tool.

Expect a lot more here in the next few months.


  • How about some visual effects tutorials? Like for example, creating an image that looks like a scene from an action movie or something, putting together images to create a dynamic environment.

    NazarJanuary 12, 2016
    • Great idea – do you have any examples that you particularly like?

      Pixelmator NinjaJanuary 12, 2016
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