Pixelmator 3.1 Marble released!

Ninja Share:

The latest version of Pixelmator, which is a minor release called Marble is now available. But with the minor release some important and awesome stuff has been added such as support for the new Mac Pro, improvements to Layer Styles, and much much more.

Apple’s new Mac Pro Optimisations – if you are lucky enough to have one of the new Mac Pro, then you are going to love the Mac Pro optimisations that will work with dual GPUs, has 16 bit per channel color images, image autosaving in the background, and more.

Layer styles have gotten some decent enhancements as well.

Lots of our favourite effects are back such womans health as Pointillize, Pixelize, Mandala, Concert, City Lights, Color Hatch, X-ray, Infrared, Line Dye, Tracer, Scanner, Newspaper, Neon, ASCII, Blue Print and Projectile effects.

Order prints – Having partnered with MILK Print on Demand, you can now quickly and easily turn your gorgeous images into great prints. With just a few clicks get them printed and have them delivered to your door. Sweet.

RAW image file support has also been improved and lots more – check out full details on the Pixelmator website or better yet go and get the app and try it for yourself for $30.

p.s. If you haven’t already, join the discussions and support the Pixelmator community.


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