Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone Released!

Ninja Share:

The awesome Ninjas at Pixelmator have now released v3.2 nicknamed Sandstone to the App Store. The new major release includes a rake of new features, improvements, UI tweaks, and fixes for stability and reliability.

Some new features include:

  • The Repair Tool – Finally the ability to remove unwanted objects and imperfections from an image without degrading quality and precision. Users simply have to select the tool, and paint over the object that they want to remove from the image, and the software does all the rest. Users also have three options with the new repair tool: quick, standard, and advanced repairs. Here is the tool highlight video from our last post again:


  • 16-bit per channel allergy support – Better support and flexibility for colour adjustments with 16 bit channel support ensures that your images stay vibrant and vivid.
  • Layer Locking – One at the top our feature requests – allows you to lock layers to protect content changes when composing complex images or illustrations.
  • Convert Selection  To Shape – A handy new feature that lets you quickly and easily create all kinds of shapes from any selection.
  • A range of much needed fixes and improvements – Check out the full list here.

Go to Pixelmator for more details of features and new tools in 3.2 Sandstone.

So have you upgraded or downloaded it yet? The update is free to those who previously purchased the software. If not, Download Pixelmator from the App Store for $29.99.

p.s. If you haven’t already, join the discussions and support the Pixelmator community.


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