Pixelmator 3.3 Limestone and Pixelmator For IPad

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If you haven’t tried Pixelmator 3.3 Limestone or the new Pixelmator App for iPad, you are really missing out.

The intro video for Pixelmator 3.3 shows the slickness of the update and the new tools and support it provides:

The teaser video for Pixelmator App for iPad is even slicker.

So simply put here are the pros and cons:

  • New UI and Full Yosemite Integration – We like the newer UI (but still annoyingly black) and it seems to be a good solid OS X Yosemite based upgrade overall;
  • Extended repair tool can now be used within other apps such as Text Edit or Mail for some quick editing, which is cool;
  • ICloud support – A must for apps these days, but especially advantageous if you own both the Mac and the iPad version for seamless editing of your work between the two versions. Pixelmator will sync your work all the time using ICloud;
  • Designed for the latest iPad – Keep in mind that the app is designed to work with the latest MAC OS and iPad version, premier-pharmacy.com which does mean that older iPads may encounter some issues. For example, we encountered an issue with slowness in selecting an image on last year’s iPad;
  • Slimmed for iPad – Also, note that the iPad version is a slimmed down version of the full MAC version, so don’t expect all the tools to be available just yet. For example, we couldn’t find free transform tools such as perspective;
  • Still no sign of some key features such as dockable toolbars, tabbed windows etc., but coming soon according to the creators. If you are missing any needed features, let them know by joining the community and sharing your feature requests.

We love Pixelmator and the team has done some great work – looking forward to more in future.

Pixelmator 3.3 can be purchased for $29.99 from the Mac App Store and, the iPad version is available on the IOS store. As always any updates are free for existing customers.

p.s. If you haven’t already, join the discussions and support the Pixelmator community.

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