Pixelmator Tip #10 – How To Creatively Use Negative Space (Schrodinger’s Cat Effect)

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In this tutorial we want to show you how to creatively use negative space in Pixelmator. A recent graphic we found online for Schrodinger’s Cat provides the inspiration for this tutorial, and we show you how to create this great effect a.k.a Schrodinger’s Cat Effect.

First create a new document of size 1024 x 768px with a black background.


Next, add in the initial chosen text. Use a thick font like Arial Black or Impact or Helvetica Bold.

1.5Ensure each letter is on its own layer!!


Now start adding in the letters you want to to appear in the negative space, one at a time. We are using the grey text to help us position the letters for now, and then we will change the color to black at the end.


Alternate the layers buyambienmed.com with each letters, and place each letter slightly behind each other. For the text in the negative space (shown in grey below), one final addition is the gaps in the letters. Below these letters, add in a new layer, and use a paintbrush with white colour and start filling in the gaps.


With all the gaps in the grey text filled in, and with some minor adjustments to the placement of the text, we get the following.

5Now change the colour of the letters in grey to black, and voila, we get the final effect, and a creative use of negative space.


Here is our own take on this great effect made using Pixelmator.


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