Pixelmator Tip #11 – Create A Cool Collage Texture

Ninja Share:

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a cool seamless texture using a collage of shapes and text objects using Pixelmator.

The final image

Here is what we are going to create.


Step 1

Open up Pixelmator, and create a new document, something small like 300 x 300px, the standard size of iTunes cover art.


We also used a solid white background. You can use colour here, but try and stick to a solid colour rather than anything fancier like a gradient. We want the texture to be a clean as possible when we use it.

Step 2

So, let’s start adding in some shapes and text to the canvas.

2Step 3

For a truly seamless texture, use symmetrical shapes and have them half off and half on the page, as shown by the ninja. For the majority of the rest of the space, you can pretty much add what you would like. 3For a truly awesome texture, migraine remember to keep the texture simple and uncluttered as we are going to be using it as a repeatable pattern.

4Step 4

Continue building your textures and start experimenting with shapes, colours, and placements.



Once you are happy with the texture, now merge all the layers into one.

6Step 5

Before we apply it as a texture, make sure to trim all the transparent pixels. Select Image from the menu, and then Trim Canvas, and make sure to select Transparent Pixels. Now we have a texture we can work with. Make sure to save it.

7Step 6

Now we are ready to use it as a texture. Copy the texture into a new document.


Step 7

Use the Affine Tile effect from the Effects panel with Angle set at 5 degrees, Scale at 100%.


Step 8

Enjoy. And there you go, we now have a slick texture, made using Pixelmator, which we can use in future design projects as a background or a shape texture.



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