Pixelmator Tip #13 – How To Create A Minimalist Mystical Poster

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In this tutorial we show you how to create a minimalist mystical poster using Pixelmator.

As we come up to Halloween, which is more about mysticism than spookiness, we wanted to create a poster that captures this mood.

Here is the finished poster – spooky right? So let’s get going.



Step 1

Create a new document of size 800x600px.


 Step 2

Next, create a layer called Background, open up the Effects  Browser (CMD + 3), and under Generator, select Clouds. We chose a variation of blue to depict the sky with the primary colour as #76d6ff, and the secondary colour of #005493.


Step 3

Next, ensure you select the Background layer, use the effects browser, select the Stylize, and then the Noise effect. Make sure to select monochrome and set the amount to 10%. This will create the grainy effect.


Step 4

Now let’s add some stars to your background. Ensure your Background layer is selected. Select the paintbrush from the tools menu, and choose Default brushes, and then select the brush we show below, and modify the settings.


Now start filling in your poster. We used broad strokes of the brush, and zigzag’d across the poster from left to right and vice versa.

We continued brushing and filling in any blank spots until we were happy.

Step 5

Next, let’s go back to the Effects browser, select Stylize, and now select the Rain effect with the settings below.


We want to create a slanted rain effect, which add more depth to the poster.


Step 6

The final effect we want for the Background layer is to give it a vintage look. Use the Effects browser, select Stylize, then the Vintage effect. We used Carnation, but use whichever one you prefer.


Step 7

Now that our background is finished, let’s add our creature/character to the poster. Create a new layer called Character. Select the paint brush – we used the default paintbrush 3px and 5px diameter to create our character. We were trying to create a ghostly / alien character.

13-12Step 8

Finally, to make our character aura effect, duplicate the character layer. Ensure the characters are one on top of the other. Scale the duplicate layer about 50% larger the the original. Using the Effects browser, select Distortion, and use the Gaussian Blur set at 5-10px to create the aura. We also played around with the location and size of our character, which gave us the final product we were happy with.


We hope you enjoyed this Pixelmator tutorial and have fun making your own.

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