Pixelmator Tip #14 – Introduction To Layer Styles

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With the release of Pixelmator 3.0 FX, layer styles is one of the feature we love. It is a popular way to add effects, such as drop shadows and strokes, gradients and effects, to layers in a non-destructive way. In this tutorial we will go through this feature to unlock its true potential.

Getting Started With Layer Styles

Pixelmator has introduced layer styles as a cool way to add effects to a layer without having to manually create them in a non-destructive way (not destroying your precious layer altogether).


Here is our popular ninja shape with some basic fill and stroke settings.



Here we applied a basic metallic layer style to the fill (we used the metallic default preset, and gave it a black stroke).


Pixelmator Have Given Us Some Simple Tools To Add Layer Styles

You add effects using the layer styles toolbar of simple checkboxes, sliders, and other tools, which can be saved as presets for future use.



How To Add Layer Styles – Use Presets or Create Your Own

The cool ninjas at Pixelmator have give you some awesome presets to work with. These are great for the beginners to play around with, and for some quick layer styles for more medium to advanced users.


Once you get sick of playing around with the default layer styles, you get to make your own, and here the possibilities are endless.


How To Create And Save Layer Style Presets

Creating your own layer style is easy, just select the layer you want to tweak, and use the layer styles toolbar to create the effect that you want. Once you are happy with the settings, just use the simple add option in the layer styles toolbar preset.



How To Clear Layer Styles

Clearing the layer styles from your layer is just as simple, you can either select the “X” in the layer styles presets, or use the simple clear style option in the layer styles toolbar preset section.


How To Load Layer Style Presets

Layer Styles are stored on the file system as PXLS files. You can download and share layer styles created by other users into the preset window using the simple import option in the layer styles toolbar preset. Alternatively you can just select the layer styles file and drag it onto the preset window.



Phew, and now here is a freebie layer style preset to inspire you

Here is a preset we created for you, using Pixelmator, to inspire some of your own creations. We call it Pink Emboss.


It works great on shapes and text.


Download “Pink Emboss” here.










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