Pixelmator Tip #17 – How To Create A Christmas Holiday Poster

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In this tutorial, we show you how to create your very own christmas poster using some basic shapes, brushes, and colours using Pixelmator.

The final poster:

Here is the christmas holiday poster we are going to make today.


Step 1

Create a new document 1024×780.


Step 2

Fill the poster using the paint bucket with a festive colour (#d00023).


The traditional christmas red is actually more of a satin colour.tip17-3

Step 3

Now we need some snowflake brushes. We used our snowflakes brush collection we created earlier in our snowflakes template. Double click on the snowflakes.pxb file to open up the brush collection in your brushes window.

tip17-4Step 4

Now use the rectangle selection tool, and select the top half of your poster.

tip17-6Go to Edit and then Refine Selection and use the following settings:


Step 5

Now select the paint brush tool, select your snowflake brush that you desire, adjust the settings as you need to. We chose a silver colour (#bdc3c7).


For the first part just drag paintbrush across the canvas a couple of times lightly. You can use single clicks to fill in any gaps. Once you have a good few snowflakes, now add in a gaussian blur of 2px from the effects panel  (CMD + 3).

tip17-8The poster should look like the below, and the blur effect will create some depth to your poster.


Step 6

Now select a variety of snowflake brushes and start filling up the poster. Use single clicks if you don’t want to make the poster look busy. Ensure you fill in any big gaps and the corners of the selection.


Step 7

Start adding in some greeting text – we used Futura and Great Vibes (available on Google Webfonts). Also add in some familiar holiday shapes – we used the sleigh from our template christmas icons.


We now have a great christmas holiday poster to share in your newsletters or websites – created using basic tools in Pixelmator.



Check out the ultimate christmas bundle, which includes all of the shapes, brushes, colours and many more used to create this awesome holiday poster.

Happy Holidays.

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