Pixelmator Tip #18 – How To Create A Flat Rainy Day Poster

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In this tutorial, we wanted to show you how to create a flat rainy day poster using Pixelmator, and also show you how santa must feel delivering presents in this horrible weather.

The final poster:

Here is the final poster you are going to master today:


Step 1:

Create a new document 600x900px in size.


 Step 2:

Fill the background layer with a flat colour. We choose this warm blue #3498db.


Step 3:

We are now going to create the lamp post silhouette. Don’t worry this may look complicated, but it is actually just made up of basic shapes – you just need to start building it.

3 We choose a circle for the lamp, and started building the base using rounded squares. Next we add the rest of the lamp-post to build the tall frame.

4 Finally we add the circular elements. These are made up of rectangles, which we then bent into semi-circles using the free transform. We showed you how to play around with this feature in Tip #7 earlier. By adding some small circles to the end of these shaped semi-circles, we get the ornamental effect.

5For extra effect, we made it a double lamp-post by simply duplicating the right elements and flipping them horizontally.


To get a flat lamp-post effect, we coloured in the lamp-post (except for the white lamps) in a dark flat blue (#34495e).

Step 4:

Now we are going to create the miniature Santa shape holding his bag of presents and the umbrella. Again just start building this shape one part at a time using basic shapes. For the body we use a circle, and for the belt we use a rounded rectangle rotated slightly.


Continue adding more basic shapes of circles, rectangles, and even triangles. We added in santa’s skin care legs below and used the free transform feature to adjust the handles of this shape.


We finally arrive at the following santa shape holding an umbrella. The umbrella is made of a circle, which has been modified using free transform to get the umbrella effect. The umbrella handle was separately added, which is just a line with a semi-circle bend at the end (again using the free transform tool).


We also added a bit of colour to our santa, using the traditional red (#c0392b) and a dark flat blue (#34495e) to specific shapes.


 Step 5:

Now we want to create the rain pattern. We use the basic raindrop shape (filled with white colour and no border) already available in Pixelmator (get into Vectormator mode to see the additional shapes by hitting CMD+Shift+V). Just start adding in the raindrops and evenly space them about 20px apart.


Start filling up the poster with the raindrop shapes and fill up the entire page. It will be easier to do this if you add in raindrops into one row, and then group these shapes, and then duplicate. Note, we’ve hidden the other shapes from view just so that we can see the rain pattern better. Feel free to adjust all the raindrop shapes to the size that you want.


 Step 6:

If you have hidden the other shapes, re-enable them, and start deleting the raindrop shapes the fall directly onto your shapes. Feel free to move around the lamp-post and santa shapes to get a symmetric effect especially when deleting the raindrop shapes.


and here you go, we played around with the colours, and we now have an awesome rainy day poster for santa – made with Pixelmator.



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