Pixelmator Tip #2 – Quick Glow Effect

Ninja Share:

Continuing with our tips, here is a quick way to add a glow effect to you vector graphics using Pixelmator.


Step 1

Here is our starting point from our last tip.


Step 2

Take your graphic, duplicate it, and enlarge it. We take the duplicate layer and move it to the back. In or case we duplicated the text, colored it white, and enlarged it by 10px.


Step 3

Select the duplicate layer, right click and select “Convert To Pixels”, which will now make it available to add effects. Now we add a Gaussian Blur (available on the Effects Panel under Blur, or in the Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian, depending on the version of Pixelmator you have).

Add the Gaussian Blur effect at a setting of 15px. This should give you a good glow effect.


Step 4

To get a really good natural looking glow, you need to select the layer, and change the layer blending option to “overlay”.


and there you are.

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