Pixelmator Tip #20 – How To Use Digital Patterns in Pixelmator

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In this tutorial we show you how to apply digital patterns in Pixelmator to create a cool hipster christmas card.

A pattern is an image that is repeated, or tiled, when used to fill a layer, shape, or selection. Using pattern fills in graphics and logos has become a standard tool in a designers toolkit. The more popular trend is shapes or backgrounds being filled with different patterns from ornate, floral, retro, or subtle patterns for a minimalist look.

Where do you find digital patterns

Digital patterns can be found in a number of good sources online just using simple search on google. For some modern and minimalist patterns, we recommend Subtle Patterns, which we use a lot.

What you want to ensure with the more complicated patterns is that it is a repeatable pattern, which will be seamless when tiled. We showed you how to create a seamless texture in Tip #11 to create the pattern below.



How to fill a layer with a digital pattern

Step 1

Create a new document of size 800x600px.


Step 2

Add your selected pattern to the background layer. We used one of our patterns from the recently published contemporary christmas patterns collection.


Step 3

Next open the Effects panel (CMD+3), and select Tile, and then use Affine. You can experiment with the other effects such as Tessera, Windmill etc.


Use the following settings below; however feel free to have fun with the angle, scale, stretch, and skew to create some fun effects.

tip20-4 and here is a full cancer layer filled with your chosen digital pattern.


How to fill a shape or selection with a digital pattern

Step 1

Create a new document of size 800x600px.

tip20-1 Step 2

Fill the background layer with the pattern Diagonal Noise from Subtle Patterns as shown in the previous section.


Add a new layer above this one and fill it with a subtle colour. We chose this flat green colour (#05ad97).


Next select this layer only and change the blending mode option to Multiply. This will bring out the diagonal noise pattern through this layer.

tip20-7 Step 3

Now add some shapes and text according to your liking. We added shapes from our christmas shapes collection, movember collection, and awesome hipster shades (from pxm-tuts). We also used font Molle from Google Fonts. Once you are happy with the shapes, select all the shape layers and merge them together.

tip20-8Step 4

Add a new layer above the merged layer, and apply the christmas pattern from earlier. Select this layer, right click, and select Create Clipping Mask. You should get something like the below.

tip20-10Step 5

Finally group the layers with the shapes, and the clipping mask. Select the group and change the layer blending option to Multiply. For the text layer, we used a subtle blue colour (#34495e), then change the layer blending option to Overlay.

tip20-11And finally we create a cool hipster christmas card using some digital patterns we made with Pixelmator.




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