Pixelmator Tip #3 – Quick Way To Add Reflections

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One of the easiest ways to really show off your product is to give is a shadow or a reflection.

In this post we will show  you the quick way to add reflections to an existing graphic using Pixelmator and give it a professional look and feel.


Step 1

We’ll use an app icon from our Freebie “Cloth” to show you how. Sign up on our home page to get this for free. You could do this with any of our beautiful icons available on our Store, or indeed to any graphic vector you would like to showcase.

Here is the starting point:


Step 2

Once you have selected the layer of the graphic. Duplicate it (right click on the layer in the layer dialog, and hit duplicate). Align the image on the horizontal axis. Next free transform it using the command+F or Edit -> Transform, and you are going to rotate the image 180 degrees. You can also choose to use the Filter called “Flip Flop” from the filter dialog. What you are trying to do is flip the duplicate and shift it directly below the original, and make sure to leave some gap between the two. It should look like the below:


Step 3

Using the marquee or square select tool, choose an area about an inch below the top of the flipped duplicate.


Step 4

Then go to refine the selection (Edit -> Refine Selection). Under this option, set the feather to 40%, and hit ok.

Now delete the selection you have just made and you should have something like the below.


Finally, select the layer with the duplicate image, and change the opacity to between 50-60%.  You should be able to do this from the Layer Dialog.

Step 5

Add a new layer in between the main layer and the duplicate layer. Using the ellipse shape, draw out a shape as below under the main graphic.


Step 6

Now add a gaussian blur from the filter dialog of about 50%, but you can tweak this value as you want. All we want to give is a slight hint of a drop shadow behind the main graphic to provide a 3d effect.

And that is it…simple…here is our final image.



  • Simple and looks good! Thanks for this!!

    TomOctober 8, 2015
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