Pixelmator Tip #33 – How To Turn Any Picture Into A Cool Christmas Poster

Ninja Share:

In this simple tutorial, we wanted to show you how to transform any picture into a cool Christmas Poster using Pixelmator.

The Final Image

Here is what we will create by the end of this tutorial.


Step 1:

Create a new document of size 1280 x 800 pixels.


Step 2:

Add your image to the poster. We choose an awesome brown bear from Unsplash, a really great resource for free amazing images. Unsplash images are of really high quality, so you will need to resize the image to fit the canvas.

Copy and paste the high quality image onto your canvas. Then go to Image, and select Reveal Canvas. This should open the canvas to fit the large image. Next, we will resize the image down to 1280×800 to fit our canvas. Go to Image, and select Image Size, and set the size to 1280×800 px.


Now we have a re-sampled and re-sized image to the canvas size we want. This also greatly reduces the size of the final image when you export it.


Step 3:

Now lets add a Vintage effect to our image. Open the Effects panel (CMD+3), then select Stylize, and drag and drop the Vintage effect onto the picture of the bear. We chose Freesia, set the Saturation to -100% and the Vignette to 100%.



This gives us a nice black and white image with a great vignette effect.


Now lets add the Miniaturize effect to the poster to give it more other focus. From the Effects panel, choose Blur, and then Miniaturize using the following settings:


Drag the ellipse around the focal point of the image i.e. the face of the bear in this case. This blurs out the edges of the picture and draws attention to the detailed part of the image.

7Step 4:

In this step we make our poster Christmasy by adding in some snowflakes. We used one of our snowflake brushes from our Christmas Snowflakes (and Brushes) template, and altered the settings to the below once the brush set was imported.

Next, create a new layer above the image layer, and brush across the image sparingly. Focus on the edges mainly, and don’t worry about getting snowflakes on top of the bear.

Once you are happy with the snowflakes, and the poster has enough of a christmasy feel, the next step is to choose the Eraser from the tools menu, select a subtle brush, and erase all the snowflakes that overlap with the bear. You don’t need to be too neat here.10

Step 5:

Now lets add in our Christmas greeting to our poster. We used fonts Futura and Jane Austen that can be found in Pixelmator and DaFont.


Great, we have now turned our original picture into a cool Christmas poster. It’s that simple.


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