Pixelmator Tip #35 – How To Create Delicious Food Posters

Ninja Share:

In this tutorial we will show you how to make your very own delicious foodie poster using Pixelmator.

If you browse through any magazine or newspaper or articles online, you notice more and more how foodie posters (or posters depicting food) have gone from ultra lame to gorgeous and delicious. You’ll especially notice these types of posters amassing in media around the holiday seasons i.e. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc.

Foodie posters have undergone a revolution from the epic and creative photography to creating highly engaging, almost edible posters.

The Final Image:

Here is what you will be able to create by the end of this tutorial.


Step 1:

Start by creating a new poster of size 1024 x 768px.


Step 2:

In order to create a master piece you need to start with a great visual. We chose this amazing image of sardines from Pixabay. We didn’t do too much more to the poster, except to add a Stylize effect.

In order to do this, open the Effects panel (CMD +3), choose Stylize, and then drag and drop the Vintage effect onto the image. We chose Freesia, and increased the Vignette to 100%.


This give it a nice fade to black effect around the edges of the poster, while really highlighting key colours in the poster itself.


Step 3:

Next, create a rectangle shape on a new layer, with no fill, and a thick stroke (roughly 35px or more to create a thick border).


Next, right click on the layer, and select Convert To Pixel.

Step 4:

Now select the Eraser tool. We are going to selectively erase parts of the frame to create a 3D effect with some key elements of the poster i.e. the sardines. To do this, just select the parts of the image you want to highlight, which overlaps the frame, and erase that part of the frame.


Step 5:

As you can see the effect works wonderfully with our sardines poster. We also added in the poster label Fish. We used the font Jane Austen available on Da Font. We enlarged the text, and angled it slightly to make up the top left of the frame. We also erased parts of the frame so that the word meets the frame in a seamless manner.


Step 6:

Great, that’s our frame and poster title created. It already looks cool. Now we just need to embellish it with some key design details. Let’s just add in a key feature title to say what the poster is about i.e. Oily Fish. We simply added the text using the Futura font.


Step 7:

Let’s add some more final details to make the poster complete. Again we used the Futura font to create a little information box to the bottom left corner of the poster.


And now we have finished our foodie poster made with Pixelmator, and it looks delicious enough to eat.



And it works really well with all types of food posters. Yummy!



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