Pixelmator Tip #36 – How To Create Mind Blowing Colour Accented Photos

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In this tutorial we will show you how to become a Pixelmator selection tool ninja, while also making a mind-blowing colour accented photo.

Capturing colours is critical to making any photograph worth watching if used properly. However, it is more trendy to have colour accented photos, which is also known as Black and White with Partial Colour.

So get ready to make your photos really pop.

Step 1:

First, choose the right image. We found this amazing photo from Pixabay, which we will use for this tutorial. We choose this model for its striking facial features, and it will work perfectly as a colour accented photo.


Step 2:

Import your photo into Pixelmator. We trimmed the photo down to a 1024 x 768px size, so that our final image is not too big.


Step 3:

Now select the Paint Selection tool in the toolbar.3

We set the diameter of the tool to 5px and then used the standard mode to start the selection. Now roughly paint over the left eye, and parts of the eyebrow. You don’t need to be too neat, but make sure you only select the eye and eyebrows. Typically start by painting the outline of what you want to select, and then the inside of your selection.

To carry on selecting other parts of the image, you can hold down shift and continue using the paint selection tool or set the Mode to Add (i.e. two solid squares). Now paint select the right eye and eyebrow.


Next, lets select the lips. Again hold down shift, and paint select the lips. Don’t worry if you accidentally select outside of the lips. You can correct this very easily. All you need to do is set the Mode to Subtract (i.e. single solid square and a hollow square). Once this mode is selected, you can paint over an existing selection area to remove that selection.

And the final selection we are going to make is the fingernails by repeating the same process as above.

7Step 4:

Now right-click and choose Refine Selection. This is another way to adjust our selection.8 We set the Smooth to 0%, Feather to 10%, and Size to 0px9

We suggest you play around with each of these settings so that you can see what each one does to your selection. The red highlighted areas in the below image is your selection.

10 Step 5:

Great, we have now selected the parts of the image we want to keep. Now let’s remove the colour from the rest of the image. Right-click on the image and choose Invert Selection – this will effectively select all other parts of the image and de-select what you choose in the last step.

Open the Effects panel (CMD + 3) and then under Colour Adjustments, select Desaturate. This will remove all the colour from your current selection.

Our image is really coming along now and already looks great.

Step 6:

In this step we are going to change the colour of the right eye. This is more to show you how to do this quickly, but it also renders a cool final image.

Select the Magic Wand selection tool from the toolbar.

Zoom into the eye (CMD ++), in this case the right eye, and click and drag the blue colour of the pupil. The magic wand tool will select the immediate areas of the same colour. You can drag it as much as you want to, and again you don’t need to be too accurate here.15 Again we will use the Refine Selection by right-clicking on the selected area, to adjust our selection.16 Once you have refined it as you wanted, let’s change the colour of our eye. Open the Effects Panel (CMD + 3) and under Color Adjustments, choose Colorize17

We dragged the selection circle to a nice green colour, set the Saturation to 30%, and Lightness to -20. You don’t want to go change the Saturation and Lightness too much, because this will make it look fake and unrealistic.18

Great, now we have an eye-popping photo indeed, and the colour change to the right eye looks very natural.

19 Step 7:

In order to give it a little more edge, let’s colour in the nails in an electric pink. This will make it a magazine worthy photo.

Use the Paint Selection tool to re-select each of the nails. You’ll have to use the Shift and select method from earlier to select multiple parts of the same image.
20 Once you have selected the nails, you can choose to refine it like we did previously; however we were happy with the selection. Now open the Effects panel (CMD+3) and under Colour Adjustments, choose Colorize.

We choose a nice Magenta colour, set the Saturation to 75%, and Lightness to -20%.21 Now we have that extra edge we were looking for.


If we compare it to our original image side by side, you can see the transformation. You have now successfully created a mind-blowing colour accented photo using Pixelmator.



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