Pixelmator Tip #39 – How To Create Retro Valentines Coupons

Ninja Share:

In this tutorial, we show you how to create Retro Valentines Coupons using Pixelmator to help you have some fun on Valentines day.

Instead of the usual cards and flowers, why not treat your loved ones to a fun filled Valentine’s day with some awesome love coupons.

Step 1:

Create a new document 640x480px.


Step 2:

Create a rectangle shape with a white fill colour, and 1px stroke (also white), and resize it until it fills the canvas.


Step 3:

Next let’s get a nice texture to use for our coupons. We choose a nice recycled card paper texture we found on Paper Backgrounds.

We added this as a new layer above our white rectangle. We then rotate it by right-clicking on the image, and selecting rotate 90degrees left. We then enlarged the paper layer to be larger than the canvas so that the handle and the watermark are out of view.

Next we choose Image from the main menu, and then Trim Canvas using the following settings:


This will trim the image layer to fit the canvas (and gets rid of the unwanted bits). Now also right-click on the paper layer in the layers panel and select Create Clipping Mask. Now the paper will fit the rectangle shape.



And we have our paper background for our coupons.4

Step 4:

Now add in a new rectangle, with no fill, and stroke of 2px and black colour. Ensure this rectangle is placed above all the existing layers. Re-size the rectangle so that it creates a border for your coupon.5

The dotted line effect can be created by opening up the Shapes Style menu (hit CMD+7 or click on fx beside the layer on the layers panel), and setting the Stroke Style to Outside, and dashed line.

Step 5:

Now add in a line, with the same shape style settings as the previous rectangle, rotate is and place it as shown.

This creates an coupon stub area and a place for our first text block. We used Futura font, and turned the text by right-clicking on the text, choose Transform, and then rotate 90degrees left. Adjust the position of the text so that it is roughly in the middle of the coupon and in-between the line and the right-side of the rectangle.

Step 6:

Now let’s add some more text to our coupon to make it look genuine.

Add in some text for the coupon number. This time we used Lobster font available on DaFont for some style. You’ll notice the small “O” in the text, which adds a cool retro effect. You can do this by selecting just the letter “O” in the text block and reducing the size and underlining it.9

Step 7:

Cool – the base of our coupon is ready.

Now let’s create the actual coupon itself. For this tutorial, we titled our coupon “let’s go for a cycle“. We grabbed our old-timey bike shape from our Hipster Shapes pack and added it as a layer above all the existing layers.

We then duplicated it (simple copy and paste), and then flipped it horizontally. You can do this by selecting the shape, right-click, and then choose Transform, followed by Flip Horizontal. We placed the bikes side by side with a little gap in-between, again to give it a retro effect.

And now for the final piece, let’s add in our retro coupon text block. We used Circular font available in DaFont for our stylish coupon text. To achieve the different font effect, we simply selected the word “cycle”, and increased the size to achieve the effect.


Excellent, now you’ve created your first love coupon.

Now get your creative juices flowing and create a few more for your loved one, print them off, and have a great fun-filled (and naughty) Valentine’s day.

And in case you don’t have an imagination, here are 15 love coupons we created earlier using Pixelmator, now available in our store. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.



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