Pixelmator Tip #40 – How To Create A Brushed Metal Texture

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you a simple technique to create a realistic brushed metal texture using Pixelmator.

Step 1:

Create a new document – we use our standard 400x400px set at 72px resolution for patterns or textures.


Step 2:

Create 2 layers.

On the first layer, fill it with a nice grey colour #c0c0c0 using the paint bucket tool.

On the second layer, we will add in a custom gradient. You can download the custom gradient file for free from our store.


Note that the gradient has a natural brown metal tint. To import the new gradient, Open the Gradients panel (CMD+5), use the gear icon, and choose Import Gradient to select your gradient file.


Using the gradient tool click and drag the gradient at a 45 degree angle (holding down Shift while you click and drag will restrict it to 45 degrees).


Once you’ve added in the gradient, now go to the layers panel, ensure the second layer is selected, and change the layer blending options to Linear Burn.

Step 3:

Now go back and select the first layer in the layers panel. Next we will add two effects to this layer.

For the first effect, open the Effect panel (CMD+3), then select Stylize, and choose Noise.


Drag the Noise effect onto the first layer, and set it as follows:


You should get something like this:


Step 4:

For the second effect, go back to the Effects panel (CMD+3), select Blur, and choose Motion Blur.


Drag the motion blur onto the first layer, and use the following settings:


All going well, you should have something like the below:

6Step 5:

If we Export the file as a PNG (use CMD+Shift+E custom shortcut that we showed you how to set up in Tip #37), we should have a nice brushed metal texture with a slight brown tint:


In order to remove the brown tint, ensure the second layer (with the custom gradient) is selected in the layers panel. Open the Effects panel (CMD+3), and choose Color Adjustments, and then Desaturate.


This will remove the slight brown tint, and give you a pure metal texture:


And finally, if we export this into a PNG (use CMD+Shift+E custom shortcut that we showed you how to set up in Tip #37), we get an awesome brushed metal texture, which can be saved in your toolkit and used in a number of future design projects in Pixelmator.


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