Pixelmator Tip #44 – How To Quickly Create Perspective Text Effect (and recreate the Star Wars Opening Scrawl)

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In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use perspective effect with text in Pixelmator by recreating the Star Wars opening text scrawl.

Final Image:

Here is what you will be able to create by the end of the tutorial.

Perspective Text Startwars scrawl


Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Create a new document 1024x1024px.


Step 2:

Use the paint bucket tool to fill the background with a white colour.2

Step 3:

Find a star field background for your poster. It should look like a galaxy, but it should have anything that would take attention away from the text.. We pulled this one from NASA’s awesome collection – you can get your own from their picture collection.

Copy and paste the star field image onto a new layer. Adjust the size as you desire by dragging the shape handles at the edges of the image. When you are satisfied, make sure that you remove any part of the image that is outside the 1024×1024 canvas. You can do this by going to Image in the menu, and then select Trim Canvas.


Step 4:

Get the Star Wars scrawl text. We found it over in Wikipedia. Copy and paste the text into a new layer. We changed the font to Apple Gothic, White colour, and size 24px.4a

We then changed the colour to get that Star Wars yellow/orange colour. We choose #e5bf03 using the colour picker.4b

Great we have a nice colour text pain relief block.4c

Step 5:

Next we reduced shrunk the text vertically – make sure to select the text block and then uncheck the Constrain Proportions check box that appears at the menu bar. This will help us add to the perspective effect in the next step.4d

Step 6:

Before we can add the perspective effect, we need to convert the text block to pixels. Simply right-click on the text block and choose Convert into Pixels.5

Next, right-click on the image and select Transform.6

and then right-click on the image once more, and then choose Perspective.7

Great – the magic has happened inside Pixelmator. The image handles that usually control the size of the image can now be used to adjust the perspective of the image.

First click and drag the top left handle towards the middle by about 1cm, while holding down Shift (to keep it in a straight line). Next click and drag the bottom left handle away from the middle until the text perspective effect is created, again while holding down Shift to keep it in a straight line.

Be careful here but also play around with the handles to see what other perspective effects you can create using this effect.8

Once you are happy, move the text picture about halfway down the canvas, so it looks like it is appearing from the bottom of the poster.

Step 7:

To finish off and enhance the poster, we are going to do some final color adjustments. Select the text picture layer, and then open the Effects Browser (CMD+3), then choose Color Adjustments, and then Brightness.


Drag and drop this onto the text picture layer, and set the Contrast to 100%.10

This will give us that final Star Wars yellow we are looking to recreate.11

Step 8:

The background Star field is taking a little too much attention from the text block, so let’s also adjust that with some color adjustments. Again select the star field layer in the layers panel, then open the Effects browser (CMD+3), choose Color Adjustments, and then Exposure. 12

Set the Exposure to -50.13

And now we have arrived at our final image, which recreates the Star Wars Opening Scrawl using Pixelmator.

Perspective Text Startwars scrawl

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