Pixelmator Tip #5 – How To Add Gloss To Anything

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With IOS icons adding gloss to something trivial as a app icon, or as a matter of fact anything seems to be very common these days.

So here is our tip on how to quickly add gloss to just about anything using Pixelmator.


Step 1

First figure out what object or text you want to add the gloss effect to. In our example we will show an object and text to show you what this looks like. Here is our starting image:


Step 2

Select the layer the object or the text resides on and then create a new layer immediately above that. You can rename this layer to Glossy or something. Select this new layer and right click on it, then select “Create Clipping Mask”.


Step 3

Now that we have our clipping layers above our object, select the clipping layer, and then go to the select tools. In our example we will show you how to add a flat antibiotics gloss to the text and a circular gloss to the object. For the text we use the square select tool, then select an area which includes only half of the text area as per the picture.


Step 4

Use the paint bucket, select White color, and then click inside the selection. You will notice that the text has half disappeared, but don’t worry.


Step 5

Finally we adjust the opacity of our layer and set it to 25%, which should give you something like the below. Now press command + D, to deselect. If you click on the clipping mask layer, you can of course adjust the position of your gloss to what you want it to look like.


Step 6

For our object, we will use the circular select instead of the square, and carry out all of the same instructions as above.


And voilá, here is the final image with added Gloss, created in Pixelmator.


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