Pixelmator Tip #58 – How To Showcase Your T-Shirt Designs For Millennials

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As digital natives, millennials have a tremendous influence on trends, using social media platforms to further get what they want. Designing for a millennial audience means appealing to their nature and beliefs.

In today’s tip, we wanted to show you how to showcase your t-shirt designs for millennials using Pixelmator, and have some fun.

Here are some fun t-shirts we created using the same techniques in this tutorial.

The final product

Here is what you will create by the end of this tutorial. Seriously who doesn’t like avocado toast!!

Step 1:

Get a good t-shirt template to start with. For this tutorial we found this good set of white t-shirt template for free courtesy of Angel A. Acevedo found on Deviant Art.

Step 2:

Using the wand tool in Pixelmator we were able to select the t-shirt template that we wanted and cut and paste it into a new document. Pixelmator has a good tutorial on the wand tool.

Step 3:

Duplicate the t-shirt and place directly on top of the first one. We are going to make the t-shirt look a little more realistic.

Ensure the layer of duplicated t-shirt is on top of the original t-shirt. Using the effects panel, select Blur option, and add a Gaussian Blur of 5px. Next using the effects panel, select Stylize, and then add some Noise of 5%. Now change the layer blending option on the duplicated t-shirt to Multiply. This gives us a bit more of a realistic looking t-shirt.

Step 4:

We added a black background to the t-shirt to really make the t-shirt pop and also focus attention on your design.

Step 5:

Now start adding in your design elements. We added in a single block of text with the word Avocado Toast, but just spaced out the letters. Adjust the position and angle of the text to make it look as realistic as possible. Also, change the layer blending option to Multiply.

Step 6:

Add a new layer on top of the text layer, and fill it with the rainbow gradient at an angle.

Next, right-click on this layer, and select Create Clipping Mask.

Here is the finished product made using Pixelmator. Now go experiment with your own graphics and t-shirt mockups.

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