Pixelmator Tip #59 – How To Create A Chic Christmas Party Invitation

Ninja Share:

We love combining handwritten fonts with cool textures. In this tutorial, we are going to create a chic christmas party invitation using Pixelmator. We will show you how to make the gold foil effect, which is at the heart of this design.

The final image:

Here is what you will make at the end of this tutorial.

This is a great tutorial for beginners, so let’s get started.

Step 1:

Create a new document of size 768x1024px to create the portrait poster.

Step 2:

Create a background layer, and fill it with a dark color – we chose a nice dark blue #1e2c3a, which works great offset the gold foil.

Step 3:

We are leave the gold foil effect until the end, but first things first. Let’s add in all of the details of our christmas party invitation.

We used a beautiful cursive hand written font called Autumn in November from 1001 fonts for the main text.

Next we started adding in some christmas shapes – we took some classic shapes from our premium template – Christmas Shapes. For the string, we just added a line of 2px and changed it to a dotted line in the shape styles window.

Next we added in all the other details to finish off the christmas party invitation.

Select all the shapes and text layers and group them in the layers panel.

Step 4:

Next add in your gold foil texture. We found this really cool brushed gold texture, but feel free to experiment with any texture. Ideally gold or silver foil will work great for this christmas invitation.

Make sure that this gold texture layer is placed above the grouped layer in the layers panel.

Finally, the magic step.

Right-click on the group of shapes and text, and select Merge Layer. Right-click on the gold texture layer, and select Create Clipping Mask.

A few final tweaks later, and we have created our awesome party invitation.

The gold foil effect really makes this christmas party invitation look sophisticated, chic, and awesome.

Tell us what you think!