Pixelmator Tip #60 – How To Quickly Create A Color Splash Effect

Ninja Share:

The color splash effect is frequently used by photographers and designer to great effect. Using this Pixelmator technique, it is quite easy to isolate a single color within the image and create this effect. This works best if the color of the subject stands out from the background.

In this tutorial, we will show you a quick technique to create a color splash effect.

The final image

Here is what you will be able to create at the end of this tutorial.

So let’s get started.

Step 1:

Create new document 1024x768px.

Step 2:

Copy your chosen image onto a new layer. We chose this cool spring bird from Pixabay. Adjust the image to make sure you are happy with the placement of your object, in our case the bird.

Step 3:

Duplicate the layer, and rename it with the tag – desaturated. Now open the Effects Browser (CMD+3), select Color Adjustments, and then Desaturate.

Drag this onto your new layer. This will remove all the color from your image. Right-click on this layer, and select Create Clipping Mask.

Right-click, once more, on the desaturated image layer, and select Add Mask.

Your layers panel should look something like the below:

Step 4:

Now we are going to use the paint brush and paint the portions of the image where we want the color to appear.

Ensure you have selected the mask of the desaturated layer.

Open the Brush panel (CMD+4), select the Default brush set, and choose brush size with a constant flow. We choose the 25px standard brush.

Start painting over the portions of the image where you want the color to appear. To be more precise at the edges, make sure to zoom into the image.

Select a smaller brush, such as the 5px standard brush, for the more detailed parts of the image.

We used the smaller brush for the branch, and the feet of the bird in our image.

Again zoom right in to ensure that you only paint the required parts of the image.

Once you have painted all the parts of the image you want to be coloured, your layers panel should look something like the below.

And you final image should look awesome. Just play around to make more tweaks around edges and other parts of the image.

In our case we decided to also color in the branches and the flowers that the bird was sitting on.

Awesome, you have just created a quick color splash effect in Pixelmator, and a kick-ass attention grabbing image.

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