Pixelmator Tip #6 – How To Emboss Like A Boss

Ninja Share:

Today we are going to look at how to emboss anything like a boss using Pixelmator.


Step 1

Here is our starting image with a standard background with a simple gradient. We chose to go with text in this case. When using text for embossing, try and choose something chunky and simple, and make sure the background is not too light, as the emboss effect will come through much better.


The font is called Loki Cola, I found on DaFont, a great resource for free fonts. Always check the usage requirements.

Step 2

Duplicate the layer (select layer and hit duplicate). Select the duplicated layer and invert the colour. Typically for a good emboss the main shape/text should be black colour and the duplicate should be white colour. Shift the duplicated layer directly over the main shape and shift it 1px down and 1px to the right, so you get a highlight effect.


Step 3

The final part is to select both the duplicated layer and the main layer of your shape or text, then in the layer blending options, select soft light. This should already give you a very good emboss effect. You can see that because our background is light, the emboss doesn’t pop out as much.


Step 4

To make it a little brighter, select the duplicate later and the background layer, and use the brightness filter to adjust the brightness to really make the emboss pop.


Step 5

And here is our final image. We shifted the gradient in the background to start from the below the centre point to give it a nice effect to the emboss. You can even add any number of textures such as leather to get some cool embossed images.


You can emboss pretty much anything with this technique in Pixelmator.


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