Pixelmator Tip #61 – Simple Techniques To Blend Fashion and Typography

Ninja Share:

We love some of the awesome explorative works by Kalle Gustaffson.

A great blend of typography and fashion photography. In this tutorial we’ll show you a quick way to achieve the same typographic effect using Pixelmator.

The final image

Here is what you will create at the end of this tutorial.

Step 1:

Find an image of a model using our one of our free photo resources and open it up in Pixelmator.

We found this awesome image from Unsplash.

Step 2:

Using a combination of the magic lasso, the magic selection tool, and the magic eraser tool – remove all of the background of the image.

Here is a good tutorial on the magic eraser tool from Pixelmator. You should get something like the below once you are finished.

Step 3:

Next we changed the canvas size to 1200x1200px. After that we reduced the size of the model to fit into our new canvas.

Next we added in our letter – in this case a lower case “f” for fashion. We chose the Georgia font and made it 1500px.

Now the easy part – making it look like the model is leaning on the letter. Move the letter layer below the model, which will make the letter appear under the model, and just adjust the position relative to the model so that it looks like she is leaning on the letter.

Step 4:

Finally we add in a cool background colour and texture, but this is really up to you to create your final image.

A radial gradient that was centred from the model seemed to work well after a bit of playing around with colours.

And we arrive at our final image, which mixes fashion and typography using simple techniques in Pixelmator.

Tell us what you think!