Complete Review: Pixelmator Pro

Whether you are an existing Pixelmator user, someone looking to find an alternative to Photoshop, or a graphics newbie – this article is for you. Here you can find our in-depth review of Pixelmator Pro (current version Whirlwind). Pixelmator has long been a strong contender for Photoshop alternatives. It has become our most used tool […]

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Pixelmator for Windows Petition

We know this is a bit of a long shot, but we started a petition on Change.org to ask the awesome Pixelmator Team to port the Pixelmator App over to Windows at some stage in their roadmap. If you agree, then show your support on the petition website. Related posts: Pixelmator 3.3 Limestone and Pixelmator […]

Pixelmator Tip #61 – Simple Techniques To Blend Fashion and Typography

We love some of the awesome explorative works by Kalle Gustaffson. A great blend of typography and fashion photography. In this tutorial we’ll show you a quick way to achieve the same typographic effect using Pixelmator. The final image Here is what you will create at the end of this tutorial. Step 1: Find an […]

Pixelmator Tip #60 – How To Quickly Create A Color Splash Effect

The color splash effect is frequently used by photographers and designer to great effect. Using this Pixelmator technique, it is quite easy to isolate a single color within the image and create this effect. This works best if the color of the subject stands out from the background. In this tutorial, we will show you a quick technique […]

Pixelmator Tip #59 – How To Create A Chic Christmas Party Invitation

We love combining handwritten fonts with cool textures. In this tutorial, we are going to create a chic christmas party invitation using Pixelmator. We will show you how to make the gold foil effect, which is at the heart of this design. The final image: Here is what you will make at the end of […]

Pixelmator Tip #58 – How To Showcase Your T-Shirt Designs For Millennials

As digital natives, millennials have a tremendous influence on trends, using social media platforms to further get what they want. Designing for a millennial audience means appealing to their nature and beliefs. In today’s tip, we wanted to show you how to showcase your t-shirt designs for millennials using Pixelmator, and have some fun. Here are some […]

Pixelmator Tip #57 – How To Create A Bad Piggy App Icon

In this tutorial we show you how to create a bad piggy app icon from scratch. Game App Icons have really become an art form onto themselves, and we thought we would show you how to create your own using Pixelmator. Bad Piggies are the baddies from the Angry Bird series of games. The final […]

Pixelmator Tip #56 – How To Quickly Create The iPhone X Wallpaper

Every Apple event has an fantastic poster which is a piece of art in itself, and this years iPhoneX event does not disappoint. It uses simple fades and vivid colours to delight. We love this poster for its simplicity and range of colours, so in this tutorial we will show you how to quickly recreate […]

9 Simple Rules For Amazing App Icon Design in Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a great many things to photos, but what it can also be used for is designing amazing app user interfaces and app icons. Through all the work put into the functionality of an app, you now have the ability to showcase that functionality in a beautifully crafted app icon. Bad app icon designs are among […]

Pixelmator Tip #55 – How To Create A Text Fade Effect Using Gradient Masks

Gradient masks can be used to do all sorts of neat graphic design work. We showed you how to create a great color fade effect using gradient masks in Pixelmator Tip #53. In this tutorial, we show you how to create an awesome text fade effect using gradient masks. Text fades are being used to […]