Pixelmator Tip #45 – How To Recreate The Awesome Apple WWDC15 Poster

Every WWDC poster from Apple is a piece of art in itself, and this years WWDC15 poster does not disappoint. It uses simple geometric shapes and vivid colours to delight. We love this poster for its simplicity and yet its complexity, so in this tutorial we will show you how to recreate the Apple WWDC15 […]

Pixelmator Tip #39 – How To Create Retro Valentines Coupons

In this tutorial, we show you how to create Retro Valentines Coupons using Pixelmator to help you have some fun on Valentines day. Instead of the usual cards and flowers, why not treat your loved ones to a fun filled Valentine’s day with some awesome love coupons. Step 1: Create a new document 640x480px. Step […]

Pixelmator Tip #25 – How To Recreate The Awesome WWDC14 Poster

Don’t you just love the WWDC posters that Apple produce each year. I see them everywhere and they are delightful. Over at Cult Of Mac, you can admire all the posters for the last 10 years. This year’s poster is no exception, and we love it more than ever, so in this tutorial we show […]

Pixelmator Tip #24 – How To Create Gorgeous Product Shots For Your App

Ever wondered how to create those gorgeous product shots to showcase your iPhone apps. In this tutorial we’ll show you just how to give your app that amazeballs effect using Pixelmator and create something cool in 5 minutes. Step 1 – Grab some screen shots of your app Grab a screenshot of your app or whatever […]

The 8 Best Pixelmator Twitter Feeds To Follow

Pixelmator users are always keen to look ahead at what’s coming down the line, what tutorials are available, and what templates are out there. As soon as any new content is release, pixelmator ninjas are all over it and looking forward to the next one. In short, ninjas need news, and if you’re a pixelmator […]

Pixelmator Tip #22 – How To Create And Edit Shapes (The Basics)

In this tutorial, we want to show you the basics of how to create and edit shapes using the easy to use tools that Pixelmator gives you. Think of shapes as a basic objects that we can mould and make anything we want to. This tutorial will help you hone your skill before moving onto […]

Pixelmator 3.1 Marble released!

The latest version of Pixelmator, which is a minor release called Marble is now available. But with the minor release some important and awesome stuff has been added such as support for the new Mac Pro, improvements to Layer Styles, and much much more. Apple’s new Mac Pro Optimisations – if you are lucky enough […]

Pixelmator Tip #17 – How To Create A Christmas Holiday Poster

In this tutorial, we show you how to create your very own christmas poster using some basic shapes, brushes, and colours using Pixelmator. The final poster: Here is the christmas holiday poster we are going to make today. Step 1 Create a new document 1024×780. Step 2 Fill the poster using the paint bucket with […]

Pixelmator Tip #9 – Create A Cool Typographic Poster

In this tutorial we want to show you that using just basic tools available in Pixelmator you can create some cool graphics such as a trendy typographic poster. This should take about 30 minutes to complete.   Step 1 First, create a new document of size 1680 x 1050 pixels. Step 2 Next, using the […]

Pixelmator Tip #7 – Create and share your own custom Pixelmator shapes

Update: We’ve create Pixelmator Tip #22 – How to create and edit shapes (the basics) in additional to the below tutorial. With the release of Pixelmator 2.2, the new shapes tools are awesome.We especially love the new PXS format, so we created our freebie media device shapes, and our latest release of modern social icon […]