Freebie – IOS7 / IOS8 App Icon Grid System ($0+)

IOS7 / IOS8 Grid System for Pixelmator, based on Apple’s Grid System.

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Want to start designing an app icon for IOS7 or IOS8?

Not sure what size and radius to make the app icon?

Having difficulty creating those pesky perfectly rounded corners for your app?

We’ve created an IOS7 / IOS8 Grid System blueprint for Pixelmator to help you solve this problem. It is based on Apple’s Golden Ratio Grid System released in IOS7.

If you download this blueprint, you will get a PNG and a PXM. The grid system is designed for an app icon of 1024x1024px (the largest size icon needed for IOS7 / IOS8).

All you need to do is open the blueprint in Pixelmator, create a round rectangle shape, and adjust the size to match the exact shape in the blueprint. That’s it! Simple right!

Once you have created your app icon at 1024x1024px, you can use sites like to generate all other sizes required automatically.

By using this template, you can be confident that your app icons will be the correct proportions.

And you can really focus on the content of your app icon design rather than the sizes, and wondering if the edges are perfectly rounded.

So grab the template and stick it in your toolkit, it is one of those your will use over and over again.




p.s. This is a freebie, but remember “+” means you can add as much or as little on top of the minimum price based on how much you love our templates.