Keyboard Flattie ($5+)

Highly detailed Flat wireless keyboard mock-up. A great asset for your web designs and your flat toolkit.

Tags: flat

Yes, those whacky scientists and astrologists from the old age were correct.

The world is indeed FLAT!

FLAT is taking over the design world, and is here to stay.

We’ve been helping Pixelmator designers stay ahead of the curve by creating simple, editable, and re-usable flat assets for their toolbox.

Flat mock-ups such as iPhone flatties, and iPad flatties are one of our most popular templates.

We also showed you how to simple it is to create gorgeous product shots using these flatties in one of our easiest tutorial.

One of our latest Pixelmator projects needed a super high quality flat keyboard (this is top secret at the moment – make sure to sign up to our newsletter for the launch announcement).

So we created this delicious Flat mock-up of an Apple Wireless Keyboard. We’ve spent 5+ hours lovingly crafting this template, its custom shapes, symbols, and even shadows.

It is very simply layered, and you can have fun customizing the colors and more.

So grab the template and stick it in your toolkit, it’s a keeper.



p.s. Remember “+” means you can add as much or as little on top of the minimum price based on how much you love our templates.

p.p.s If you do use this template, we’d love to see what  you have done with it, so please feel free to share and inspire the rest of our community.