Product Mockup – MacBook Pro – Pixelmator Template ($4+)

A photorealistic, high quality MacBook Pro product mockup template – always handy to have when you are creating posters or promotional websites.

What Do I Get:

  • Product Mockup Template – “MacBook Pro″.
  • Awesome when you want to showcase your app or game or even when building a website.
  • All you need to do is add in your image, adjust the size to fit the screen, and right-click to create a clipping mask. It’s that simple.
  • Of course we are also there to provide support to help you create a unique design using one of our templates.
  • You get a ZIP file with a PXM and a PNG

Remember “+” means you can add as much or as little on top of the minimum price based on how much you love our templates.




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