The 8 Best Pixelmator Twitter Feeds To Follow

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Pixelmator users are always keen to look ahead at what’s coming down the line, what tutorials are available, and what templates are out there. As soon as any new content is release, pixelmator ninjas are all over it and looking forward to the next one.

In short, ninjas need news, and if you’re a pixelmator fan, you probably want to know the latest goings-on with Pixelmator. You’ll want it all – the rumours, release dates, tutorials, and templates. Twitter is a great resource for news, and Pixelmator is no exception to that erectile dysfunction rule. What follows are 8 tremendous Twitter feeds you should follow in order to receive all the Pixelmator news you desire.

The Creators

These are the creators, the geniuses behind our beloved Pixelmator tool.





The Teachers

These are the teachers, the awesome ninjas in the community who want to teach you how to be better at Pixelmator.



@pixelmatortuts / @sebzar




Just For Fun







And make sure to follow us if you like what you see.



Here are Pixelmator Templates, our ninjas create beautiful templates and tutorials to teach you how to hone your Pixelmator skills.

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