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Seeing your designs come to life quickly is really rewarding. But finding useful design resources for your project can be a huge pain. So here is a list of some of our favourites we use with Pixelmator, which will help you bring your ideas to life.


  • Colour Lovers – A great resource to help you select perfect colour combinations
  • Flat UI Colors – Awesome resource for choosing flat colour combinations.
  • Flat Color Picker – Best flat colour picker for UI designs.
  • Coolors – A nice web app to create your own unique colour palettes.
  • Material Design Colors – A great site to help you select UI colour combinations and palettes.
  • Colourful Gradients – An awesome tumblr site collection of gradients to die for.
  • Brand Colors – A site where you can find the colour combinations for the biggest brands and websites.
  • BootFlat Color Picker – A colour picker which gives you perfect colours for flat designs.
  • Get UI Colors – Give you awesome UI colours for your website designs.
  • Coleure – Create awesome colour palettes using a simple drag and drop online tool.
  • Canva Colors – Really cool colors and color combinations for inspiration.



  • Make App Icon – A tool to auto-generate the various app icon sizes required for IOS.
  • Icon Switch – Another tool to auto-generate the various app icon sizes needed for IOS.


  • Abduzeedo – Really cool inspiration for graphic design (and also check out some of the pixelmator tutorial too).
  • Deviant Art – Largest online art exhibition and gallery. Also a great place to pick up some free graphics.
  • Illustration Friday – Art exhibit and challenge website with some great artwork.
  • Inspiration Grid – Graphic Design Inspiration (and lots of them).


Photo Resources (mostly free)



  • CG Textures – A great site providing free textures for 3d and graphic design (make sure to read FAQ for T&C’s).

Website Tools

We built Pixelmator Templates using these awesome tools.

  • Bluehost – Our hosting provider is cheap and awesome for all things WordPress. (affiliate link)


Have a great Pixelmator suggestion/resource you want to share with the Pixelmator Templates community?,  then please leave a comment, so that we can continue to keep this list updated.


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