We Love Pixelmator Pro and Why You Should Too

Ninja Share:

The awesome ninjas at Pixelmator have recently unveiled Pixelmator Pro (aka Whirlwind). The latest version of the Pixelmator software best know as the affordable alternative to Photoshop, now comes with even more powerful features.

Check out this short video introducing Pixelmator Pro and its new features:

The new software has some noticeably standout features such as the newly redesigned layout. The new look has an array of digital tools to allow you to retouch photos, create vector graphics, and create amazing layouts. The software is still not quite on par with the full Photoshop and indeed Adobe toolkit, but a huge step forward from the original versions.

Newly designed layout for editing, painting, and retouching.

We love the new kick ass built-in versioning, split views, iCloud support, native tabs etc. all care of the the fully native use of macOS by Pixelmator Pro.

Kick-ass in-built versioning, and non-destructive image editing

The other big update is the artificial intelligence based toolkit integrated into Pixelmator Pro using Apple’s new Core ML API. This really takes tools like the Repair tool to another level, by seamlessly removing parts of photos you don’t need, without the messiness of cropping photos.

Pixelmator Pro AI based Repair Tool

With the help of machine learning, Pixelmator Pro can do quite a few amazing things like automatic horizon detection, smart removal of unwanted elements in complex images, and intelligent match of colours, texture, and structure of the surrounding image.

You can find out lots more about Pixelmator Pro on the official reveal website. We suggest that you sign-up to hear more news.

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